Naveen Jain in Forbes 400, grabbed Net Worth: $ 2,200 mil

You must already know about entrepreneurship. My own understanding of entrepreneurship as the spirit, attitude, behavior and abilities in handling the business and / or activities that lead to efforts to find, create, implement way of working, new technology and production to increase efficiency in order to provide better services and or benefits that greater. There have been many successful people become independent entrepreneurs, one of whom is Naveen Jain.
The theme is very appropriate in entrepreneurship associated with Naveen Jain. Who Naveen Jain?
Naveen Jain is the Founder and CEO of Infospace, who had worked with Bill Gates as Microsoft's Program Manager. Naveen Jain is currently entered into the Forbes 400 by generating Net Worth : $ 2,200 mil. Naveen Jain was born in India in 1959, has 3 children and now lives in Medina, Washington. Naveen Jain has received numerous prestigious awards including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Top 20 Entrepreneurs and many more.
Naveen Jain is living proof that can inspire that success can be owned by anyone who would try to realize dreams, aspirations and desires.
For anyone who wants to learn more profiles Naveen Jain then you can see it in Crunchbase Profile.
Come participate in independent entrepreneurial success, a success story made Naveen Jain as a motivation to succeed. Good work and prove you can achieve your dreams!


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