Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget- Features: Use your stealth to control any television at:
Bars, restaurants, the gym, schools, doctor offices, hospitals, or hotels anywhere.

Master power on and off, channel, volume, mute and even audio video inputs!
Super easy to use, point and click!

Use the Ninja Remote to prank friends!
A cool gadget, makes a great gift! Battery included.
- Technology: The Ninja Remote is powered by a proprietary, and patented 16-bit RISC, infrared micro-controller (MCU) technology with ultra low power consumption. Miniaturized in Tawain. This product took over three years to develop.

This product works on NTSC, PAL, and SECAM televisions. In other words, it works on all televisions in any country!


  1. Cool, more relaxed and easy to enjoy TV programs wherever you are!

  2. disela2 padatnya kegiatan ku hari ini, aku sempatkan sedikit waktu tuk mengunjungi mu sahabat...thanks for information

  3. ini bentuk simpel dari remote universal khan

  4. kunjungan malam...aku datang bergerilya lagi di blog sobat...

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  6. I love it. I could use one of these next time I'm at a restaurant and they've got a boring game, or MSNBC, running on the screen.

  7. thanks forur information.....
    i like it.....


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