Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short Tips to prevent virus attacks on computer

Short Tips to prevent virus attacks on computer
Surely it would be disappointed if all existing data on missing due to computer viruses. A computer virus can duplicate a computer without the user's knowledge. Viruses can damage files of a computer, the operating system damage and even damage the hard disk format. The spread of the virus occurs through a variety of ways, among others could be from: email, USB drives, CDs, and internet. Here are some short tips that might do to your favorite computer protected from the deadly virus, namely:
-Use anti-virus program!.
-Ensure that anti-virus program you use to work every time you use a computer
-Get used to scan first before accessing the USB or CD
-Beware the unknown files ending in. Exe or type of application, for example love.exe.
-Be careful with links that you find on the internet.
-So, save all your data from an early age, do not wait for the solution of new missing!

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Bayu Fajar Pratama said...

I have done every tips you give ...
But, the virus still stay in my computer ...
Can you give us more tips ?

Tehnoking said...

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Yolizz said...

virus di kompi emang paling suka bikin bete deehh yaaahh :D

denie said...

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