Saturday, January 30, 2010

Travel into space

Now, do not need to be an astronaut to explore space. now everyone can experience and one of the happy news is all ages and all genders can try but it's not necessary or fitness also pay large fees. The tour is free space to enjoy whenever and wherever you are, even from the bedroom though.

All this could be possible with the software World Wide Telescope (WWT) from Microsoft, to obtain this software you can download for free. With this software you can walk around the outside number by guided by the scientists or university and astonot of the world's leading planetarium. So the sound recordings of the guide will explain the various celestial objects that are displayed on the tour.
if you do not need a guide then you can do individually, there are millions of stars and planets in this software can be used as material on tour.
The software is packaged in the form of a supported 3D image display is not static and can be enlarged or reduced. other than that it is displayed in "live" so users can feel as if flying into space.

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