UVBody Meter

UVBody Meter of Suvil Technologies Corp. is a very useful product to control the exposition of our skin to solar rays. The biggest organ in our body, the one which protects us from the exterior environment, merits special care and attention.

Excess exposition of our body to harmful UVA rays damages the skin, drying it and causing it to age early, resulting in wrinkles and other imperfections which, over time, can also lead to cancer. The ozone layer which protected us from harmful solar rays has been worn away, and in some places has disappeared completely. For this reason, nowadays we need to take great care when exposed to the sun.

UVBody Meter is not a medical product, but simply and exclusively an electronic device which helps us to know how long we should remain in the sun. For this, we should introduce our skin tone (in accordance with the enclosed product scale) and the FPS cream solar protection factor. These details, along with the measurement of the UVA solar ray intensity which the UVBody Meter is constantly taking, will allow the device to warn us of the time we can remain exposed to the sun.

UVBody Meter also allows us to take the temperature of the skin and the atmospheric temperature. The LCD display will indicate the UVA ray index, plus FPS and real-time temperature.


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