Friday, February 19, 2010

HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer)

Watching movies can be done in addition to the cinema, it can be done at home. Especially now that sophisticated technology is growing rapidly. Sophisticated technology that can be used for watching movies at home such as Home Theater.
And besides that shook Home Theater movie lovers around the world, there are other sophisticated technology you need to consider to be chosen by users of HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer).
The concept of HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) This really has been outstanding among which is limited among PC users. Today, HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) touching various circles and had even circulated also HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) issued by well-known companies, but the constraints of the output product the company already has a name is an expensive price. Not many know that the technology HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) is used windows operating system that has a special version of Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE).

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