Low costs in making iPad (based research firm iSuppli)

IPad manufacturing costs, new products Apple about half the price. It is known based on the result of research conducted by iSuppli Corp., based in El Segundo, California.
iSuppli estimates the cost of making iPad is 260 U.S. dollars or 52 percent of the selling price of the cheapest starting price of 499 dollars.

Most expensive component on the iPad is located on the screen, the screen is estimated that there are at iPad worth 95 U.S. dollars. Prices are very sensitive screen designed it almost doubled the size of the price of the netbook screen is 9.7 inches. Suppliers screen is LG Display, Samsung, and Seiko Epson Corp. and Taiwan as a manufacturer Wintek glass layer that detects finger touch.

For processors, Apple's own A4 designed by Apple is estimated to cost 26.8 U.S. dollars. Processors are only given gamabra Apple logo was estimated according to Samsung-made forms. Although there is a possibility also made PA Semi, a semiconductor chip manufacturers purchased Apple worth 278 million U.S. dollars in 2008.

Other components, flash memory chips, supplied from various companies including Samsung one with 29.50 dollars the price for this type of 16 GB, 59 dollars for 32 GB, and 118 U.S. dollars for the 64 GB. The difference makes the cost of making memory chips iPad rose to 289.1 dollars for type 32 GB sold 599 dollars and rose to 348.1 dollars for type 64 GB sold 699 dollars.

IPad other chips used to access the Bluetooth and WiFi built Broadcom Corp. with the price of 8.05 U.S. dollars. Broadcom also supplies two other chips to control touch screen functions with a price of 3.7 U.S. dollars. Texas Instruments also supplies chips to support the touch screen control system with a price of 1.8 U.S. dollars and the Cirrus Logic audio chip supply at a price 1.2 U.S. dollars.

In addition, funds spent aluminum casing 10.50 U.S. dollars. The remaining approximate prices for software and system user interface designed specifically for the iPad. However, none of the suppliers confirm reports iSuppli. Regarding the results of this research, the Apple also never commented on the results of the investigation of iSuppli Corp.


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