Internet becomes the basic services in Finland

The rapid development of technology including the internet is not free from interference by the various parties, such as in the State of Finland. The Government of Finland has announced that all its citizens will enjoy high speed internet connection as a fundamental right. The same basic rights such as rights in obtaining the postal service or telecommunication services.
In an official announcement conveyed by State Minister for Transport and Communications of Finland, it is known that already from the beginning ie since the beginning of July, all local telecommunications service provider must offer a price that makes sense for connections home users or businesses. Only local service providers who will be asked to service. In Finland the State itself has been recorded as many as 26 selected the best providers of its citizens. Finnish Ministry for myself hoping that people will take advantage of this great opportunity and immediately switched to telecom operators in the area where they live.
Besides tariff coming in, also has agreed that the tariff set may vary depending on location and availability of services, the maximum speed set for the universal service is one Mbps.


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  4. I have no objection since high speed Internet allows users to obtain vast quantities of data quickly, and integrates TV, phones and other communications with Internet access.

  5. Finland is one of the most wired in the world. And it is one of the most "wired" countries in the world, with high-speed Internet access being standard at work and common in the home. With that, every citizens in Finland has the right for its universal technology.


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