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Someone using the technology because he has a sense. With his mind he wants to get out of trouble, wants to live better, safer, easier, comfortable and so forth. Technological developments occur because someone use their minds and the minds to solve every problem it faces.
The types of jobs that previously required considerable physical abilities, can now be replaced by a relative already devices engines, such as computers, vehicles, mobile phones, and others.
On one hand, the development of world science and technology was so impressive indeed been brought extraordinary benefits to the progress of civilization of mankind. Although no negative impact or disadvantage of the progress of science and technology. But this seemed to be ignored by humans, not denying the facts of science and technology developed at any time and many effects, both positive and negative.
Developments in science and technology also can not be separated from good reliable information through the media, television, newspapers, radio and even online media. With the support of most current and reliable information on the human in this world will be more helpful in terms of educational, social, cultural and even humanity. Besides the existence of an appropriate information and be able to be used practically by humans would provide a positive impact on the sustainability of human civilization itself.
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