Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani-They try to reason with Abhay. He is however determined to fight it out. Siddharth discusses Abhay's case with Panchi. He woos her with his words and calls killers, animals. Siddharth wants to trap Panchi. Tanushree comes to see Siddharth for work. He woos her too. He uses her to make his next move against Piya and Abhay.Everybody at Mount College is getting ready for exams. Kabir and Abhay have a tiff while studying together. Siddharth wonders about his plans. Panchi and Siddharth visit Mount College. Tanushree tells Siddharth she is going to harm Piya. Misha blackmails Shankar into being her writer for exams. Ruhi tries to get a writer for herself. Mr. and Mrs. Raichand wonder how to resolve the fight between the brothers. Mr. Raichand doubts Siddharth's intentions. Mr. and Mrs. Raichand have a secret to keep. Mr. Raichand meets the new trustee of Mount College.T makes a plan against Piya so she takes her notes and put it under the desks and tells the teacher that she is cheating but Abhay says someone is framing her for that so he says he won't do this exam either if Piya doesn't get to do it and rips his paper then Misha does it and everyone and T and her gang taunting Piya the teacher says she trust her but still rules are rules so tells Piya to go and have a chat with the trustee Praveen and Siddharth. Siddharth votes for Piya to give her another chance. Mr. Raichand is not happy about it and says “I need to get some fresh air" and he leaves. it.


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