Waterproof walkman and can also be washed from Sony

Walkman has a function as an audio player included in cassette which can also be used as a portable audio player and video. Walkman change the habit of hearing music so that someone can listen to music anywhere. Walkman presence in the gadget world increasingly crowded increase the entire market in the world. Walkman was released in 1979 with the Walkman name in Japan and called Soundabout in countries such as the United States, Freestyle in Sweden and Atowaway in the UK. Walkman once ruled the market in 1980-1990s.
Along with the times, and increasing market demand for gadgets and other advanced technologies, the new innovation in Walkman continuously improved, a few giant companies classmates Aiwa, JVC also Sony even competing to deliver the best quality of various aspects including design, sound and even price. Until late 2010 the Walkman technology innovation has become more sophisticated, for example, has attended the latest series of Walkman digital music player is waterproof and washable issued by Sony. One of the digital Walkman NWZ-W250 series of them. This series Walkman users can enjoy music, under any circumstances both rain and heat, ideal for those who have outdoor activities, such as sports or field workers especially supported by the ability of a battery that can reach 11 hours, with about 90 minutes charging time.
Another series offered include new B series, named NWZ-B152 (2 GB) and NWZ-B153 (4 GB). This gadget is made with an attractive design (only the size of a lipstick), equipped with the bass amplifier and is suitable for various circles who like something dynamic.


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